NOS GM Ram air IV Rocker arms and pushrods

Rocker arms and pushrods

One set of 8 each NOS GM 69-70 ram air IV rocker arms and pushrods. What is pictured is what you get. There are only 2 boxes with 4 sets in each box (how I received them). There are no rocker studs, balls or nuts. A couple of the rockers have very light surface rust, see pic showing this. Nothing has been installed or used. Part # 9798429. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE 35-50 Y/O USED OR NEW VINTAGE PARTS. ALL PARTS HAVE FLAWS, INCLUDING THESE. I HAVE NOTED ALL MAJOR AND MOST MINOR FLAWS. PLEASE DON’T EXPECT PERFECTION. ANY QUESTIONS CALL 301-668-0101.

Price: $299.00