NOS GM 68-72 GTO 70-81 Firebird rear ashtrays


One pair of NOS GM new in boxes rear ashtrays that fit 70-81 Firebird, Trans Am, Camaro, and 68-72 a-body hardtop. May have other applications, check the part # for your particular car. Part # 8795489. Covers are NOT ribbed as you can see. Includes the actual ashtray recepticle and the frame. Finish is typical GM part of this vintage. Price is for a pair (2). PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE 35-50 Y/O USED OR NEW VINTAGE PARTS. ALL PARTS HAVE FLAWS, INCLUDING THESE. I HAVE NOTED ALL MAJOR AND MOST MINOR FLAWS. PLEASE DON’T EXPECT PERFECTION. ANY QUESTIONS CALL 301-668-0101.

Price: $189.00